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Beckie Shine Brightly Wellbeing Coach

Awakening Legacy

‘Awakening Legacy’ is a collection of inspiring stories from various authors who all have a big vision, and a mission to impact many lives, for the good of all.

In my chapter I share insights from my own journey to SHINE Brightly, how the spiritual practice of yoga changed and continue to change my life and my vision for the future for the next generation 

Beckie Shine Brightly Wellbeing Coach

Navigating Anxiety With Children & Teens

Navigating Anxiety with Children & Teens’ shares advice, strategies and real life examples from a collaboration of 13 experts in their field. It focuses on ways to navigate different forms of anxiety and aims to aid you in supporting our younger generation as well as reminding you that you are not alone – there are many people available to help you on this journey.

My chapter focuses on the root cause of anxiety and how we can lead in our relationships with children with compassion, kindness and responsiveness to help decrease the anxiety they experience so that they can SHINE Brightly

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