Shine brightly kids yoga for wellbeing

You can find out more about SHINE Brightly 1:1 here.

Shine Brightly Wellbeing Yoga

SHINE Brightly is my 12-week bespoke, holistic well-being programme designed for young people aged 7-14 years, and their families.

This programme is available in person in west London and online worldwide.

My primary aim is to support your child (and your family) feel happier and more confident to be themselves. In this programme I work primarily with your child, who might be facing challenges around expressing a range of ‘big feelings’ or finding home or school difficult for some reason.

During the programme we make our way through my three pillars – Explore, Enrich and Expand

During ‘Explore’ we get to know each other and begin to build a trusting relationship. It’s paramount to our work together so that we create a solid foundation from which to flourish. In addition, the knowledge I gain about your child informs my planning for future sessions so that I can truly support them to SHINE Brightly

In the ‘Enrich’ phase I share a range of strategies to support their well-being. This can include yoga movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation activities, tapping and reiki. The practices taught will completely depend on what your child is struggling with and which modalities they respond well to.

When we reach the ‘Expand’ we ensure that the strategies that work best for your child and family are really becoming embedded for independent use. We reflect on our journey together and we plan for the future.

Over the course of the programme, I email you weekly updates, often with videos of activities attached, and require that you support our work together by practising these exercises with your child or ensuring they have access to explore them independently.

I believe that well-being is a whole family commitment and throughout the programme we stay in close contact. You can contact me via email or WhatsApp and we will arrange usually up to 3 catch up calls to discuss progress and next steps during the time we work together.  

In addition, when you decide to work with me 1:1 you also get FREE access to the SHINE Brightly Library of Well-Being Content, starting the moment you sign up and continuing throughout the time we work together!



Kids yoga festivals shine brightly


Dancing in fields has been one of my all time favourite things to do since my first Glastonbury aged 16 in 1998! I am almost never happier than when I’m at a festival!

These days I love spending my summer weekends in nature delivering workshops for children, young people and their families! 

Workshop titles include:

– Exploring the Magic of Our Healing Hands; an introduction to Reiki for children and their families (options for younger and older children).

– Energy Balancing Practices for Family Well-Being

– Story, Song and Game Based Yoga for Under 8’s

– Exploring Mindful Movement and Meditation for Over 8’s

I also offer Reiki infused mindful movement and meditation workshops for adults.

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