SHINE Brightly is a bespoke well-being programme for young people who are invited to explore mindful movement, meditation and mindset activities.

SHINE Brightly is my bespoke, holistic well-being programme for young people aged 9-14.

The programme makes the practices of yoga as a way of living for overall well-being and not just movements on a mat, accessible for young people through a range of mindful movement, meditation and mindset activities.

Based on the premise that all young people are whole, perfect and worthy of all that they desire, participants feel inspired to SHINE Brightly as their most authentic and joyful selves.

We explore three, six week modules:

  • Being kind to ourselves as well as others
  • Being true to ourselves and
  • Being aware of our potential for impact in the world

SHINE Brightly is currently available as a one-to-one package both online and face to face in west London postcodes W3, W4, W5, W6, W10, W11, W12, W14, TW8 and TW9. Please get in touch to enquire. 

Self-paced online modules of SHINE Brightly are coming soon! If you would like to beta test these modules please get in touch

The doors to the SHINE Brightly online Well-being Hub for Young People are now open!

Movement & Mindfulness

Sharing the benefits of yoga with young people has me skipping out of work every day, there is no such thing as a bad day. 

Having worked with children since 1998 and beginning my own yoga journey in 2010, I became a qualified children’s yoga teacher in 2016 when I realised I could combine the two things in life which give me the most joy! 

In my classes younger children have fun learning yoga postures and breathing and relaxation techniques through stories, songs and games planned with their interests in mind. 

Older children explore yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques in a more traditional way, for a total well-being experience, whilst still having fun. These classes provide the bridge between story based yoga and adult classes.

Interested in private sessions either online or face to face? Enquire now 


Reiki is a form of energy healing activated by intention. ‘Rei’ meaning ‘universal’ and ‘Ki’ meaning ‘life energy’.

Energy flow can get blocked throughout our lives due to various traumatic experiences and the way that we live and interact in the world. When energy gets stuck in the body, it can cause physical and emotional problems. 

Reiki can improve the flow of energy in and around the body and speed up healing, relieve pain and reduce other symptoms of physical and emotional illness. 

Reiki can be a wonderful way to improve overall well-being by restoring balance and harmony.

Learning this healing modality early on in life is a wonderful gift for young people!

Reiki level 1 for young people – coming soon!



Dancing in fields has been one of my all time favourite things to do since my first Glastonbury aged 16 in 1998! I am almost never happier than when I’m at a festival!

These days I love spending my summer weekends in nature delivering yoga workshops for children, young people and their families! 

My yoga workshops range from energetic and fun stories, songs, dancing and games for the little ones to a relaxing well-being experience for older children and teens. 

I can even offer gentle yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions for adults!

I am open to all sorts of packages from delivering one or two sessions a day to offering a full timetable of sessions across the weekend.


I LOVE supporting families during their special day! 

Contact me to discuss your bespoke package including supporting children in a play area, leading yoga sessions for children and/or adults – including a disco yoga option!


Yoga parties are so much fun and suitable for children of all ages.

For younger children I offer a fun experience based on stories, songs and dancing and lots  of games – with prizes of course! 

And bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles, because kids love bubbles, in fact we all love bubbles, don’t we?

For young people aged around 9 and up I offer an enjoyable and relaxing well-being experience which can include all sorts of yoga based activities – including any of the above that they might be interested in and much much more!

I love personalising your party experience so do get in touch to tell me about your child!

I am available for birthday party bookings in London postcodes W3, W4, W5, W6, W10, W11, W12, W14, TW8 and TW9.

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