My classes are specifically designed with people who have never done yoga before or believed that yoga was ‘not for them’ for some reason in mind.
If this is you, welcome!
My classes are also suitable for those with experience who want a more gentle, slow paced approach to the physical element of the class and in addition would like to explore breathwork and meditation. You can book online classes using the button below and contact me to discuss private sessions

Classes Include:

Breathing Technique

Throughout class we practise combining breath with movement and awareness in order to connect with and nourish the body, mind and soul. We also focus on tuning in to the movement of energy in and around us and any subtle changes that may take place through the practice.

Strength and Flexibility

We develop strength, flexibility and balance of body, mind and soul. We practise developing an attitude of love and nurturing towards ourselves, our physical body and our mental and emotional bodies. As we cultivate this attitude we begin to release and unlock stress and tension, giving way to calm and tranquillity. From this place we can begin to heal.


As we go deeper into the practice we are able to move with awareness and control, nurturing and healing ourselves gently with an attitude of love and kindness. As your practice develops you are encouraged to take this with you off the mat and into all your interactions out in the world. Once the process of healing and connection is underway and you have developed an understanding of this concept, only then can we begin the process of disconnection. This is where the magic begins...

What You Can Expect in My Classes

Centring Exercise



Gentle movement


Deep Relaxation


Breath Expansion & Control

Guided Meditation

Focus and Concentration

I trained in Pushkar, India, with Swamiji Kapri at the Pushkar Meditation Temple and Swamiji also gave me the name Bhumi meaning earth, according to my vedic astrology chart. He felt it was very important that I use it, which is how my work became known as Bhumi Yoga and Bhumi kids.

My teaching is rooted in traditional practices. In a warm and welcoming environment we explore the eight limbs of yoga together.

Sage Patanjali, author of the yoga sutras, wrote ‘yogaschitta vritti nirodhah’ (YS1.2). This translates as ‘to block the patterns of consciousness is yoga’ (Swami Satyananda Saraswati). This means that to be in the state of yoga is to stop all the actions of the mind on the objective, subjective and unconscious levels.

Therefore yoga is not about standing your head, or twisting yourself into seemingly impossible shapes. Yoga is in fact about disconnecting from everything we currently know and are aware of until there is nothing left but your pure awareness or thoughtless consciousness, this is self realisation.

So, whilst yoga means ‘union’ it is actually not the union of body, mind and soul but the disconnection of the soul from all that is of this world and its union with a higher consciousness. 

I have found in my own experience of studying yoga and also of teaching it that the vast majority of us in the west are so disconnected from our bodies, minds and souls that before we can even consider this concept the first task is to create healthy, loving connections with all three bodies, the physical, mental/emotional and the spiritual.

I am currently delivering online adult yoga on Monday evenings at 8.00pm for six weeks from 20th February 2023.

Classes include some gentle movement, relaxation, breathing exercises and guided meditations. 

If you are interested in private yoga, meditation, relaxation or conscious breathing sessions please arrange a call with me.

I am available for face to face sessions in London postcodes W3, W4, W5, W6, W10, W11, W12, W14, TW8 and TW9 and on Zoom all around the world!


Reiki is a form of energy healing activated by intention. ‘Rei’ meaning ‘universal’ and ‘Ki’ meaning ‘life energy’.

Energy flow can get stuck throughout our lives due to various traumatic experiences and the way that we live and interact in the world. When energy gets stuck in the body, it can cause physical and emotional problems. 

Reiki can improve the flow of energy in and around the body and speed up healing, relieve pain and reduce other symptoms of physical and emotional illness. 

Reiki can be a wonderful way to improve overall well-being by restoring balance and harmony.

As a qualified Reiki master I can offer Reiki sessions in London postcodes W3, W4, W5, W6, W10, W11, W12, W14, TW8 and TW9 and on Zoom all around the world!

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