I all my ✨SHINE Brightly✨ spaces, whether they be schools, online or even in the new Well-being Hub for Young People, we always cultivate a BRAVE space during our time together.

A BRAVE space includes…

BOUNDARIES – we can tell each other what is ok for us and what is not

RESPECT – we respect other peoples boundaries and opinions, we listen when they speak and we are respectful with our words

ALL feelings and emotions are valid and valued, it’s ok to be sad, angry, nervous, worried as well as happy!

VOICE – when we need help or want to ask a question we communicate with each other by speaking, writing or drawing

EXPLORE, ENRICH and EXPAND – sometimes the work we do together can feel hard, change can be challenging but we are BRAVE

In our BRAVE space we know that sometimes being BRAVE is feeling the fear and doing it anyway and sometimes its saying ‘this isn’t for me right now, I’m going to sit this one out’

We can listen to what feels right for us, respect that feeling and communicate it to others

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