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I’m Beckie and I am the founder of SHINE Brightly Well-Being.

I am passionate about supporting families and educational settings in my role as a Holistic Well-Being Mentor and School Consultant.

My vision is that all children grow up feeling happy and confident to be themselves and that the adults in their lives support them in knowing how to be kind to themselves, true to themselves and understand their potential for impact in the world, so they are inspired to SHINE Brightly.

I work with families through my bespoke programme SHINE Brightly and I support educational settings through delivering sessions to children and young people and providing training, support and guidance for school staff.


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Find out about how I support families through SHINE Brightly, my bespoke, holistic well-being programme


Explore the range of packages I deliver in schools and other educational settings, including sessions for pupils and training, support and guidance for school staff

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This is where you can find all the in person classes I am currently offering. 

You can find out more about each class in the booking system description.

Please make sure you check the guidelines for booking – especially after school clubs that are only open to pupils from that school! 

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Beckie at Bhumi Yoga is amazing! My daughter really suffers with her anxiety, especially around bedtime. Through the yoga classes she has been taught specific techniques and poses to use when she starts to feel anxious and these have helped enormously. She loves the weekly online sessions and always comes out so relaxed and happy. I highly recommend Bhumi Kids yoga!!

Sarah Brooks Parent

Beckie is wonderful and calm in her approach with my son who is on the Autism Spectrum. She is very aware of how to tailor her classes to suit his needs and always personalises learning to engage her learners, either by drawing on their own personal experiences or their specific interests. I highly recommend Bhumi Kids Yoga for any child and am looking forward to further work with Beckie on helping my child through his transition into secondary through her Shine Brightly Programme.

Naheed Mir Parent

Beckie is the person that I go to when I'm not sure how to support my children with their emotional needs. And she always has incredible ideas and resources. I am so grateful to her for her wisdom over the last few months of lockdown and as my children grow and become more aware of the world. Beckie is a wonderful soul. She's vibrant, she's exciting to be around, she's thoughtful and caring - anybody who’s spent any time in her company knows that she radiates peace and kindness. She is exactly the kind of person that I want my children to know as they grow up and I would love it if my children were like Beckie when they grow older. In terms of the work Beckie does, she absolutely knows her stuff. She is so clued up on child development, on early years education and on behavioural support that raises children up and doesn't serve only to create compliance. Shine Brightly is one of the most wonderful things I have seen for children’s wellbeing and general health in over 18 years of working with children and families myself. This programme is exactly what I wish I had been able to introduce into my school when I was a class teacher. I know that any child who gets to spend time in Beckie's inspirational, nurturing company - especially if they get to experience Shine Brightly - will be incredibly lucky. They will have a solid foundation for life.

Laura Linklater Parent

It was our first time doing kids yoga with Beckie today and we absolutely loved it! It is so great for my 4 year old to have something interactive, fun and healthy to do during these times, especially as he was already being home educated. He normally doesn’t want to get involved with classes and just watches, but he warmed up to this one very quickly and had nothing but excitement and positive things to say afterwards! Beckie is fantastic with the kids and I loved the way she planned and presented the session.Review Text

Sirin Hewitt Parent

My first interaction with Bhumi Yoga was via the free Tuesday night Facebook live meditation. I have tried various meditations before but never have I found such utter peace and contentment as I did during this meditation. Beckie is a phenomenal instructor and she has a fan/customer for life in me. Highly recommend!

Aisha Chowdhry Parent

A wonderful instructor with clarity & well-structured sessions, Beckie’s warmth, care and passion even come across on a small screen! An experienced practitioner, Beckie instills confidence in her participants.

Jackie Hayward Well-being coach at WholeLife Well-being

My son Otto (4) just finished his second yoga class with Beckie. All week he has been looking forward to it! I'm so pleased we have found something for him to take part in specially during this pandemic while he is off school and desperately missing the usual day to day interaction with others. Having Beckie and a few other children to play and learn with through zoom has really brightened up our week. Seeing him doing yoga poses through role play and watching him taking part in small breathing exercises is not only sweet but I'm happy he is getting to move his body. A massive thank you to Bhumi Yoga. See you next week!

Jenny Eeley Parent

Beckie made someone who really couldn’t even sit still for 10 minutes learn to focus and relax. She taught me how to improve my conscious contact with my inner self through meditation and I found the breathing techniques have helped me with anxiety. Beckie is a fantastic teacher and she took such an evourqgihg approach with me when I felt demotivated and wanted to stop working on my meditation and yoga. She's very patient and leads by example of how these practices just fulfill your life. Amazing.

Rebecca McClelland Client

Beckie is an experienced and extremely passionate teacher. Her classes and live meditations are always delivered from the heart with her natural sense of calm shared amongst those who join.

Gina Kane Client

My son (aged 8) attended the story based yoga with Beckie. 4-8 years. My son really enjoyed it, it was so nice to watch and see how Beckie welcomed every child individually to the class. This was lovely to see and listen to. My son really enjoyed the yoga session. Beckie spoke about the event which was happening on that day and really got the children interested. My son came away asking me more questions about the summer solstice. I would highly recommend Beckie. Thank you, my son loved his yoga session 🙂

Jenny Mullin Parent

'Orla had been suffering from anxiety for around 6 months. She wouldn’t go to sleep on her own and most days would try and find reasons to not go to school. Although she would go in once there she found it hard to engage with any work, freezing when new work was set and needing to leave the classroom regularly. After ✨SHINE Brightly✨ Orla is now a lot less anxious. Her sleep improved completely and she is now happy to be left on her own to fall asleep without me checking back in regularly. I think from the sessions she has learnt to know when she is feeling anxious, can see the triggers and has learnt how to reduce the feeling while before it used to overwhelm her. She has also become a lot more positive about what she has, enjoys doing more things and is a lot happier and more confident in herself. She is happy to go to school and says she is really enjoying it again'.

Charlotte Ashworth Parent

The sessions have transformed the children's experience in school, both during the most recent lockdown and on returning back to school after lockdown. It has meant we were able to address emotional wellbeing, in a way that engaged the children and that they can understand. It lends itself beautifully to developing resilience and lifelong learning habits. The benefits included improved behaviour, concentration, stress regulation and reduction, increased compassion and better learning outcomes. I hope that the sessions will encourage a love of self and help them to flourish in life as great citizens of the wider world.

Harsha Patel Headteacher

Beckie attended our wedding as part of a children’s well-being package. She helped to entertain the children with sensory and calming activities in the day... and followed with a family based ‘disco yoga’ session in the morning which went down an absolute treat. She was amazing throughout, so helpful and friendly; everyone benefited from having her around and it was a brilliant way to start the day after a festival wedding, camping in the woods. Thanks you Beckie, you really made our event extra special, everyone gave great feedback and said the disco yoga was a highlight.

Sophie Starlight Parent

Review Beckie's yoga classes are amazing; they're like being held in a warm hug. She provides a nurturing and welcoming environment during her sessions and is so clear in her delivery; I also love all the extra details she adds in about certain postures and their benefits. She is a yogi who clearly knows her stuff and loves to share the goodness it offers. I thoroughly recommend Beckie's sessions; they are always exactly what my mind and body needed.

Cat Googe Client

Absolutely lovely yoga class with Beckie at the new community hub! Gentle and accessible for all with a very friendly and approachable teacher who went out of her way to make sure everyone was comfortable and at ease with themselves. I loved it and will definitely be back next week!

Alice Glossop Client

Beckie was great helping with my sons fifth birthday party. She was brilliant with all of the children and kept them all entertained!!! Lots of fun activities 🙂

Tristan Wigfall Parent

My daughter has been doing the kids yoga classes and loves it! Beckie is a wonderful teacher and comes up with fun, interesting ways to introduce yoga positions and techniques.

Charlotte Ashworth Parent

I had a wonderful time joining Beckie for her practice. As a total beginner I found her classes easy to follow and really rewarding both physically and mentally. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. Thanks Beckie, will definitely be onboard for more sessions in the future!

Neil McCarroll Client

I attended Beckie’s classes during lockdown and they were exactly what I needed. Calm, relaxing, peaceful and a space just for me. Beckie is very informative and knowledgeable and holds space brilliantly. I would definitely recommend.

Alice Pritchard Client

You lead such beautiful yoga sessions and meditations Beckie. In last night's meditation you led it so gently and supportively that it went deep within in a very sensitive way. I felt that I was touching depths I hadn’t looked at very much before. You made sure we were all grounded, in our own spaces, in our body and with our breath, so it felt comfortable and safe. You held the space for us all and guided us very gently to our inner self within the body. It’s inspired me how to take myself inwardly into deeper enquiries. I can't recommend you highly enough to anyone who is looking for a nourishing, heart-centred practise to benefit body, mind and soul. Thank you!

Sian Rule Client

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Beckie Shine Brightly Wellbeing Coach

Navigating Anxiety With Children & Teens

Navigating Anxiety with Children & Teens’ shares advice, strategies and real life examples from a collaboration of 13 experts in their field. It focuses on ways to navigate different forms of anxiety and aims to aid you in supporting our younger generation as well as reminding you that you are not alone – there are many people available to help you on this journey.

My chapter focuses on the root cause of anxiety and how we can lead in our relationships with children with compassion, kindness and responsiveness to help decrease the anxiety they experience so that they can SHINE Brightly

Beckie Shine Brightly Wellbeing Coach

Awakening Legacy

‘Awakening Legacy’ is a collection of inspiring stories from various authors who all have a big vision, and a mission to impact many lives, for the good of all.

In my chapter I share insights from my own journey to SHINE Brightly, how the spiritual practice of yoga changed and continue to change my life and my vision for the future for the next generation 


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